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Google Is Beginning The Forced Migration From Hangouts To Chat Next Year

This was probably the first video-conferencing app you used. Launched in 2003, it’s one of a handful of video-calling services that’s got ubiquitous enough to become a verb. But we bet nowadays the only person you Skype is your boss or your grandma. It is important to note that some apps use genuine end-to-end encryption, […]

Belarus Maps & Facts

The LIE received the I-495 designation from the Queens-Midtown Tunnel to the Clearview Expressway, which was just beginning construction at that time. (The I-495 designation was also to go to the never-built Mid-Manhattan Expressway.) East of the Clearview, the LIE retained the NY 24 designation. The backbone of this program is a 70-mile expressway for […]